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City of Volos photo gallery
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Browse below Pelion attractions. The listings appear in the order of most wanted pages.

Pammegistoi Taxiarches, Milies
This historic church was renovated in 1741 employing unique artistic techniques and featuring remarkable post-Byzantine religious paintings. You can also visit the village first formal school and its rich library.... more info ...

Monastery of Aghia Triada, Sourpi
The town of Sourpi has remains from the Byzantine Era, at Damtsa, around the temple of Aghios Dimitrios. You can visit the monastery of Aghia Triada, the guardhouses and the prehistoric settlement.... more info ...

Art center Giorgio De Chirico
The Art Center Giorgio de Chirico, owes its name to the great Italian painter born in Volos.

The three floors of the building host the gallery of collector Alexander Damtsas, with approximately 500 paintings from all the major artistic currents of our century. These projects are divided ... more info ...

Kitsos Makris folklore museum
The "FOLKLORIC CENTER OF KITSOS MAKRIS" accomodates at the house of the folklorist in Volos city. Includes his folklor collection, his library wich aparts from 4.000 toms of books and his record, with 2.500 transparencies and 4.000 photos in many of them images treasures of greek popular tradition n... more info ...

Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos
Beside the numerous and various exhibits, special interest in the Museum of Volos presents the way of exhibition in the halls with the Neolithic artifacts and the halls with the representation of the graves. They allow the visitor to have a more direct contact with the antiquities and comprehend the... more info ...

Zoodochos Pigi Monastery, Prasouda island
Now mostly deserted the island of Prasouda has a beautiful Byzantine monastery in an idyllic location. Take a sea taxi from Alogoporos on the beach to reach the island.... more info ...

The ancient city of Pherai, one of the most important cities of Thessaly, was occupied from the Final Neolithic (about 3000 B.C.) to the beginning of the Roman Imperial period (1st century A.D.), when it was probably abandoned. The modern settlement, named Velestino, was founded in the post-Byzantin... more info ...

Panagia Tripa of Goritsa
This Church of the Birth of Virgin Mary is built into a cavern in the foothills of Goritsa. It was established in 1892 and a larger church was built in 1950 in front of the cavern.... more info ...

Ano and Kato Monasteries of Xenia
Near the Pagasitikos Gulf at the foot of Mount Chlomos and in the Othrys mountain range, the Monasteries of Ano Xenia and Kato Xenia attract crowds of pilgrims from the whole region and beyond. One was established by monks, the other by nuns.... more info ...

The Church of Agios Konstantinos and Helen, Volos
Built in 1936, this church at the end of the sea front and in the park by the same name are a reflection of recent classical architecture in the city.... more info ...

The Episkopi of Ano Volos
Visit the church of Virgin Mary on the hill of Episkopi in a lovely setting with a wonderful view of the city and the Pegasitic Gulf. This is a historic and very important religious monument. ... more info ...

Church of Apostles Peter and Paul, Argalasti
Aghii Apostoli Petrou and Pavlou, in Greek, featurs a 3-part basilica from 1886 and a stunning marble belfry from 1913 designed by the architect Perpignan, plus two Russian bells and a Swiss clock. The belfry was modelled after that of Aghia Fotini in Smyrne. Note also the area stone bridges.... more info ...

Evaggelismos Theotokou, Nea Ionia, Volos
Northwest of Volos in the Xirokampos valley, Nea Ionia has a church of Evaggelismos Theotokou (Annunciation of Virgin Mary) and Metropolis (cathedral) with the park, Statue of Liberty and bas-reliefs referring to the tragedy of Asia Minor and the bust of Chryssopotamos, Archbishop of Smyrna. ... more info ...

Monastery of Panagia Lampidona, Lampinou
This is a great example of folk architecture created by created by Demos Zoupaniotis and decorated with sculptures by Milios. The monastery was last renovated in 1796. It is dedicated to a sailor rescued at sea after praying to Virgin Mary who supposedly shone a light to guide the ship and its crew ... more info ...

Aghios Nikolaos in Kanalia, Lake Karla
The old village of Kanalia has the Byzantine church of Aghios Nikolaos with notable frescoes from the 13th and 17th centuries is also remarkable. The hill of Aghios Athanassios has remains of a temple by the same name. Ruins of three fortresses are also there.... more info ...

Aghios Ioannis Prodromos, Afetes
The church of St. John the Forerunner in this small village of 430 people lies on the main square. It is considered a work of art created by the skilled workman Demos Zoupaniotis from Epirus. Also note the old mansions and the three stone arched bridges of the area.... more info ...

Church of Aghia Triada, Anavros
This Byzantine-style church in Anavros, next to the Achilopoulio Hospital, took six years to build and was inaugurated in 1954. The original murals on the inside by the painter G. Gounaropoulos (1890-1977) are worthy of note.... more info ...

Holy Trinity Church, Trikeri
This church has a large basilica built in the 18th century, featuring magnificent frescoes. Its chancel is one of the best examples of wood carving from 1739. If you contact the municipality, a hospitable villager will unveil the church treasures for you to see.... more info ...

Taxiarches Monastery, Aghios Giorgios Nileia
Dating from 1538 and built over an older church from 1309, this complex has a remarkable wood-carved iconostasis that is considered to be very important. The monastery lies in the area of Aghios Georgios of Nileia, 21 km away from Volos at an altitude of 600 meters.... more info ...

Church of Agios Nikolaos, Volos
The Metropolitan Church of Volos was completed in 1934 with an old belfry in the courtyard from 1884, a notable accomplishment by Italian sculptor I. Previsan. ... more info ...